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Secure and Unlimited Connection with Just One Touch

Are you having trouble accessing some websites or apps? Or are you worried about your digital privacy whenever you connect to public Wi-Fi? No need to worry. With virtual private networks, you can surf the internet anonymously. These security programs protect you from surveillance and potential hackers every time you go online. TouchVPN is one of the VPN apps available today. It offers unlimited and secure connection for free. No trials offered, and no credit card information needed.

Browse without Limitation

VPN is not the only option a user has when one wishes to browse anonymously. A proxy can also be used to conceal your identity. Both proxy and VPN reroute your internet traffic and change your IP address, thereby making you anonymous. However, a proxy is completely browser-based, and some web pages may not be compatible. VPN, on the other hand, encrypts all your traffic and works with all internet-based services. It also works with apps providing you with more online freedom, security, and privacy

TouchVPN offers 100% free, and unlimited internet connection. It sets up a secure and encrypted server in another country so you can bypass geo-restrictions and unblock any website, wherever you are. Though this software, you can get access to sites that are otherwise blocked or censored by government, school, or workplace. You can even evade firewalls to unlock Facebook, watch Youtube, and circumvent VOIP limitations. 

But what users would appreciate about TouchVPN is its simplified interface. The app requires only one click to access the service. In fact, it only comes with one button. This button connects you to one of the various anonymous servers that offer speeds faster than a web proxy. What's more, the app offers a fast and reliable connection that is truly unlimited. You don't have to worry about limitations on your session, speed, or bandwidth.

Browse Anonymously

Besides its proxy servers from various countries, TouchVPN also offers strong digital security. It comes with an SSL encryption that will make you fully anonymous and secure. The app understands that your name, passwords, and other personal information is compromised whenever you connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots. This is why it encrypts your data and provides you with banking-level security for maximum protection. 

By using TouchVPN, you can avoid snooping by your ISP and even prevent websites from ad tracking and targeting. The app changes your IP address, hiding your online identity. It also makes your internet activity inaccessible to prying eyes and businesses. 

Browse in Just a Touch

With the continuous rise of internet usage, the number of hacking and snooping cases is also increasing. This is why due diligence is of utmost importance, especially now that most transactions are online. With TouchVPN, you can add a new layer to your digital security. The app offers simplified yet reliable protection so you can access the web without limitations. What's more, it is free. You don't need to pay to get a faster internet connection. With this app, you can browse faster, easier, and more secure with just a touch. 


  • Strong SSL Encryption
  • Only Requires One Click to Use the Service
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Completely Free


  • Small Number of Servers
  • Keeps Some Logs
  • Takes Time to Launch
  • Email Support Only

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    good for vpn nice yes do like think about touch vpn do you recommend it

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    This file is not touchVPN file. I downloaded the file and got some other browser setup instead.

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